Author: Meagan Pollock

Custom Programs

Based on your needs and budget, we can design a custom program. Change doesn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t happen with a single intervention. A

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Coaching & Consulting

We will partner with you to reach your equity and inclusion goals. We can train your leaders, managers, team coaches, and staff to be more

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Surveys & Audits

We can facilitate culture and climate surveys and conduct equity audits. Sometimes what we think is the problem, isn’t actually the problem. We must take

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Workshops & Webinars

Engineer Inclusion offers in-person and virtual professional development workshops. We are striving for equity and inclusion in education and the workforce, and we want to

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Engineer Inclusion’s engaging and skilled keynote speakers are ready to help jump start your events. We are striving for equity and inclusion in education and

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COVID-19 Recovery

This season is a call to action. We must work together to challenge the status quo, stop racism, and radically address inequities, to create a better and more just world.

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Why say #BlackLivesMatter?

We say #BlackLivesMatter to draw attention to the fact that the deeply rooted white supremacy of our systems and culture continues to affect black people every day. And we must do something about it. The highlighting of #BlackLivesMatter is equity in practice.

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About EI

We help people intentionally and systematically engineer equity and inclusion into their organizations: driving positive outcomes and effectively supporting employees and the community.

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