Engineer Inclusion provides on-demand diversity, equity, and inclusion courses, as well as cohort based courses offered on a rolling basis. Our courses serve both the workforce and education, with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) plus Career and Technical Education (CTE) audiences.

Intentionally Engineer Inclusion™ program by Dr. Meagan Pollock

Intentionally Engineer Inclusion™

The Intentionally Engineer Inclusion™ Program is a cohort-based semi-asynchronous program that will kick off in early 2023. This is for anyone interested in expanding their leadership capacity by building practices and employing skills that facilitate equity, inclusion, and belonging for others.

Unraveling Bias in the Brain

Do you know how prejudice, stereotypes, and bias work in the brain? In this on-demand course, “Unraveling Bias in the Brain,” you’ll explore neuroscience-based strategies to reduce prejudice and stereotypes.

self efficacy boosting feedback banner

How to give self-efficacy-boosting feedback

Feedback and support from others are sources of our self-efficacy — our belief in ourselves to accomplish a task. Using a simple formula, we can adjust our feedback to be a super-booster for self-efficacy, motivation, and belonging. In this on-demand course, participants will learn how to encourage others more effectively to reach their goals.

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Seminars for Tenure Review Committees

Equip members of tenure review committees with knowledge, skills, and practices for reducing barriers and supporting employees, particularly those who have marginalized or minoritized identities.

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX Explore nontraditional Careers

Think Outside the Box: Nontraditional Career Exploration

A student-focused curriculum with interactive, engaging exercises designed to excite students about nontraditional Career and Technical Education pathways and careers. The digital teacher-guided curriculum includes four modular student activities, utilizing a workbook and video guides.