2021 TEDx Talk by Dr. Meagan Pollock

How to become an inclusive leader

Belonging and being valued are fundamental human needs. Inclusive leadership helps address these two crucial needs and enhances performance, collaboration, attendance, and reduces turnover. This life skill is helpful for everyone, yet it is imperative to create cultures, schools, teams, and organizations that drive equitable outcomes for historically marginalized and minoritized people. This talk examines a four-part, iterative, reflective, and reflexive framework for developing into an inclusive leader.

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I just watched your TED Talk about Engineering Inclusion and felt like I had to get on your calendar immediately. You gave a taste of so many things my company needs, would love to talk through offering and fees to see where we can get started!


Inclusive Leadership Development Model

Dr. Meagan Pollock developed the ILD model as a teaching tool for Engineer Inclusion clients. While the model’s origin is from an engineering leadership context, it is helpful for anyone who aims to develop inclusive leadership practices.

I worked in a male-dominated engineering industry—oil and gas. We had female engineers. All the way back to the '80s, we had female engineers. I never saw them treated differently. But, I never thought about how they might feel in that environment. Great talk. Thought-provoking.


Inclusive Leadership Development for Engineers

Citation: Pollock, M., Holly, J., & Leggett-Robinson, P. (2022). Inclusive leadership development for engineers. In M. R. Kendall & C. Rottmann (Eds.). New Directions for Student Leadership: No. 173. Student leadership development in engineering (pp. xx-yy). Wiley.

This chapter presents a standards-aligned, strategy-driven leadership development model for equipping engineering students with skills to appreciate differences in the workplace and to collaborate and lead inclusively. 

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2021-08-21 Interview

Inclusive Leadership

Listen to a recording of a lively one-hour conversation on inclusive leadership between Dr. Meagan Pollock and Jina Etienne. Learn what inclusive leadership is and how to become an inclusive leader.