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Transform Apprenticeship Programs with an AI-driven DEIA Coach

Discover how our AI-powered Feedback Generator acts as your personal DEIA coach, providing tailored, actionable insights to elevate your registered apprenticeship programs. Instantly receive expert-like evaluations and recommendations that empower you to build more inclusive and effective educational environments.

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Faculty Academy for Teaching in Nontraditional Careers

Discover the “Faculty Academy for Teaching in Nontraditional Careers,” a program tailored for the South Carolina Technical College System that effectively boosted faculty strategies for student recruitment and retention in nontraditional disciplines. This case study showcases the substantial enhancements in faculty knowledge, self-efficacy, and practical application of inclusive educational practices.

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Building Leadership Capacity to Grow Nontraditional Pathways

Explore “Building Leadership Capacity to Grow Nontraditional Pathways,” a 12-week initiative that significantly enhanced educational equity through targeted workshops and dynamic learning. This case study reveals how 28 educators were equipped with advanced skills to support student success in nontraditional career pathways.

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About EI

We help people intentionally and systematically engineer equity and inclusion into their organizations: driving positive outcomes and effectively supporting employees and the community.

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