7E Ventures LLC

7E Ventures is a woman owned business. It provides international speaking, consulting and development services related to engineering, education and equity, and houses multiple nascent startups and brands.


Engineer Inclusion

The primary 7EV company is Engineer Inclusion. Engineer Inclusion helps people intentionally and systematically engineer equity and inclusion into their organizations: driving positive outcomes and effectively supporting employees and the community. Leveraging engineering thinking, process-improvement, and research-based inclusion strategies, Engineer Inclusion is uniquely equipped to help industry, education, and community organizations reach their diversity, equity and inclusion goals. Through professional development workshops, speeches, resources, and consulting, we are partners with educational and community organizations, as well as industry.


7E Ventures Press

Through 7E Ventures Press, Founder Dr. Meagan Pollock has published multiple books. 


Custom Dive Logs

Our mission is to help dive shops build their brand through custom dive log books, and to increase the sport of SCUBA so that more people experience and protect the waters of our world. We have a custom business and a suite of dive logs available on Amazon. 

Burgeoning Brands

Headshot of Dr. Meagan Pollock

Meet the Founder

Meagan Pollock, PhD

Dr. Meagan Pollock envisions a world where personal and social circumstances are not obstacles to achieving potential, and where kindness, inclusivity, and conservation prevail. 

An international speaker, teacher, engineer, and equity leader, her mission is to provide services, tools, and resources that inspire awareness and initiate action. 

As an engineer turned educator, Meagan Pollock is focused on engineering equity into education and the workforce. 

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