Engineer Inclusion


We develop tools, books, courses, and guides to help us and others take action towards a more equitable and just world. We also have a series of online courses related to diversity, equity, and inclusion and an ever-expanding curriculum portfolio.

Engineer Inclusion Session Pledge


In using these books, we hope that you inspire awareness, initiate action, and lead change.

101 thought-provoking quotes explore seven essential themes, and two unique prompts accompany each quote for meaningful conversation-starters or reflective journaling.

Awareness to Action Workbook by Meagan Pollock, PhD

Designed to scaffold a twelve-month journey, the Awareness to Action workbook will help you focus your energy and effort on monthly learning and action goals for diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice.

Together We Can Make the World Better by Dr. Meagan Pollock

This socially-conscious children’s book with an integrated discussion guide teaches awareness, inspires compassion, and encourages action.

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