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Faculty Academy for Teaching in Nontraditional Careers

Discover the “Faculty Academy for Teaching in Nontraditional Careers,” a program tailored for the South Carolina Technical College System that effectively boosted faculty strategies for student recruitment and retention in nontraditional disciplines. This case study showcases the substantial enhancements in faculty knowledge, self-efficacy, and practical application of inclusive educational practices.

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Building Leadership Capacity to Grow Nontraditional Pathways

Explore “Building Leadership Capacity to Grow Nontraditional Pathways,” a 12-week initiative that significantly enhanced educational equity through targeted workshops and dynamic learning. This case study reveals how 28 educators were equipped with advanced skills to support student success in nontraditional career pathways.

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Lessons from a Bayou Boat Skipper by Dr. Meagan Pollock

Lessons from a Bayou Boat Skipper 🐊

Welcome to ‘Lessons from a Bayou Boat Skipper,’ where we navigate the intersecting currents of nature and life. In this series, I share insights from the natural world around us to shed light on personal and organizational growth.

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How to Receive Feedback (with Cultural Intelligence)

Giving feedback can be challenging, and receiving it even more so. In this post, discover how to use empathy, active listening, and our LISTEN framework to improve your feedback-receiving skills. This article provides case study examples and gives you strategies for better communication.

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Embracing Failure and Perseverance in STEM (Panel Recap)

Explore the critical importance of innovation and perseverance in STEM through our blog post recap of the “Resilience in Innovation” panel. Successful women in STEM share their journeys of overcoming setbacks and how failure has been a stepping stone to their success. Get insights, advice, and strategies for embracing challenges, and watch the webinar recording for an in-depth discussion.

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women in stem panel 2024-02-14

Creativity and Experimentation in STEM (Panel Recap)

Explore the transformative power of creativity and experimentation in STEM, as leading women share their insights and strategies in the “Innovating Minds” panel. Discover how these pioneers are reshaping the STEM landscape through innovation and watch the enlightening webinar recording.

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Women in STEM Panel Series

The “Women in STEM Panel Series” transformed passive webinar experiences into interactive, public discussions with experts in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This case study outlines how opening the series to a broader audience enhanced engagement and participation, setting the stage for future sessions.

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reading community

2024 Reading Community

Join the Engineer Inclusion Reading Community, where we explore pivotal topics in diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and justice through engaging book discussions. Join a network of passionate learners and professionals, and turn the page towards personal growth and professional opportunities.

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culturally intelligent communicators listen

What is Culturally Intelligent Communication? Introducing the LISTEN Framework

In an increasingly interconnected world, the ability to communicate across cultural boundaries is not just a valuable skill—it’s a necessity. But what exactly does it mean to communicate in a culturally intelligent way? And more importantly, how can we develop this skill? This post aims to explore these questions and introduce a practical tool to enhance your intercultural communication skills—the LISTEN framework.

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dayton HR project

Dayton Public Schools HR Transformation Project

The Dayton Public Schools HR Transformation Project Transparency Page is designed to openly share progress, outline our collaborative efforts with Socius Strategies, and address community questions. It’s a commitment to transparency and inclusivity in improving the HR department.

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