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What is a nontraditional career?

A nontraditional career refers to occupations or fields of work for which individuals from one gender comprise less than 25% of the individuals employed in each occupation or field of work. Provided are examples of nontraditional careers, however, the lists are not comprehensive.

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Non-traditional Careers for Women

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Non-traditional Careers for Men

A nontraditional career is a U.S. federal distinction guided primarily by the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006. Educational institutions may receive Perkins funding for Career and Technical Education (CTE), and they must use a portion of the funds to meet accountability measures aimed at closing the participation, concentrator, and completion gaps.

Engineer Inclusion partners with educational institutions to build capacity for your comprehensive local needs analysis. Contact us and let’s brainstorm a solution to best meet your goals and budget.

There are numerous root causes for why people don’t pursue and persist in nontraditional pathways. One of the root causes is a lack of role models. This is related to self-efficacy, the belief one has in their ability to complete a task. One of the sources of self-efficacy is vicarious experiences, or the observation of models. Seeing someone perform a task or meeting someone who looks like them who’s in a career or pathway can over time increase someone’s belief they can do a task, and increase sense of belonging.

Among many things, it is important to do an environmental scan to ensure the posters on your campus do not reinforce stereotypes. Since it is challenging to find posters that do that, we’ve prepared a set of posters for you to download and customize! Or, you can use our easy-to-use customizer and order poster prints.

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Design Your Own Nontraditional Career Poster

Start with a photo of a person nontraditional to the career, add your program information, school logo, and any other details. We offer a variety of sizes, too.

Download Free Nontraditional CTE Posters

Share with us some info, and we’ll share with you a collection of postersAfter you hit send, check your email for a link to download the file.

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Nontraditional Career Resources

By Meagan Pollock, PhD

Curated by Enginer Inclusion

By the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity

By Perkins Collaborative Resource Network

By Summer Fellows with the U.S. Department of Education

Evaluation Tools for Equity Gap Analysis and Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment (CLNA)

what is the hedgehog concept featured image

What is the Hedgehog Concept? (And how can it help you to Intentionally Engineer Inclusion™?)

If we want to Intentionally Engineer Inclusion™ and positively influence our organizations towards diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) and belonging, we have to prioritize and take action. In this post, we describe the hedgehog map exercise and provide a series of prompts to help you identify the intersection of your passions, skills, and resources. Plus we offer a PDF download worksheet and additional resources for further reading. For when we find actions and make decisions from the greatest overlap of these three elements, we will have greater motivation, agency, and potential for impact.

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What is a root cause and why do we need to find it?

What is a root cause, and why do we need to find it?

For issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion, we must find the root causes for our specific populations before diving in with well-intentioned interventions that may miss the mark and leave us no better than before we started. In this 3.5-minute illustrative video, we challenge you to act like a child and don’t stop asking why until you get to the bottom of things.

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SWOT worksheet by Engineer Inclusion

What is a SWOT analysis?

SWOT analysis is a technique for assessing how internal and external factors help or harm your organization and is often used in strategic planning processes. In this post, you’ll learn about the four components of SWOT and be able to download a printable worksheet / digital form.

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SOAR worksheet by Engineer Inclusion

What is a SOAR analysis?

SOAR analysis is a strategic planning technique that helps organizations focus on their current strengths and opportunities and create a vision of future aspirations and results. In this post, you’ll learn about the four components of SOAR and be able to download a printable worksheet / digital form.

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What are SMARTIE goals?

Change doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t happen without planning and effort. Goals are critical to success! To improve diversity, equity, and inclusion, we must be intentional in our efforts. Use this worksheet to craft SMARTIE goals!

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