Engineer Inclusion

Our resources and materials are designed to support ongoing efforts in diversity, equity, and inclusion. They are available for use under the following conditions:

A “hired engagement” refers to any professional setting where our materials are used to deliver paid services, such as workshops, seminars, consulting, or speaking engagements.

Use of our materials in hired engagements requires a paid license or a memorandum of understanding (MOU). Please contact us if you are interested in licensing or if you wish to discuss an MOU.

Our resources can be used to supplement curricula in educational settings, including colleges and schools. 

If your program or department has a budget allocated for curriculum development, we encourage you to support our efforts by licensing the necessary materials. As a small, woman-owned business, our sustainability depends on the support of our clients and collaborators.

To ensure you have the most current and accurate materials, please direct individuals to download resources directly from our website. Redistribution of physical or digital copies is not permitted without prior agreement.

Our PDF resources and digital materials must not be altered or modified. If you adapt our concepts or methodologies to create derivative works, it is required that you give appropriate author credit to our original materials.

Should you wish to publish content that includes or relies on our work, please ensure proper citation of our materials. We also welcome collaborative opportunities to co-author publications or develop projects, enhancing the impact and reach of our work.

By adhering to these guidelines, you help us continue providing high-quality resources that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion across various platforms and industries. Thank you for respecting our policies and for your commitment to these important values.

  • Academic Use: Incorporating our materials into college courses or seminars to supplement the curriculum, provided that proper credit is given and a license is obtained if a budget is allocated for this purpose.
  • Internal Training: Using our resources for internal staff training in your organization to enhance understanding and practices around diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Collaborative Writing: Citing our work or co-authoring articles and papers with us if our resources have influenced your research or findings.
  • Hired Engagements Without a License: Utilizing our materials in paid workshops, consulting sessions, or speaking engagements without obtaining the appropriate license or MOU.
  • Unauthorized Distribution: Downloading our PDFs and then distributing either physical or digital copies directly to others instead of directing them to our website for the latest versions.
  • Modification of Materials: Changing or adapting our PDF resources and then redistributing the altered content as your own without giving proper credit or obtaining permission.
  • Commercial Resale: Selling our resources directly or as part of a package without a commercial license.

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