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Think Outside the Box: Nontraditional Career Exploration

The Think Outside the Box: Nontraditional Career Exploration student-focused curriculum is interactive, engaging, and designed to excite students with the possibilities of nontraditional Career and Technical Education Careers. Students will explore work values, assess career interests, and challenge gender norms related to careers. The teacher-guided digital curriculum package consists of four modular student activities, utilizing a workbook and video guides.

Each unit takes between 20 and 40 minutes and are best done in an environment where students can discuss and share, however, the units can also be done asynchronously. 

Provided below are descriptions of each of the four parts.

think outside the box part 1

[Part 1] Discover Nontraditional Careers

What’s important to you? Have you considered a nontraditional career with fresh eyes? In this unit, students will reflect on important career characteristics and discover nontraditional careers.

Time needed: 30-40 minutes

  • Identify important career characteristics
  • Explore nontraditional careers 
  • Consider and reflect on nontraditional careers of interest
think outside the box part 2

[Part 2] Visualize a Nontraditional Decision

Everyone has strengths that are an asset for our futures! In this unit, students reflect on a nontraditional decision (anything outside the norm or standard expectations) and visualize how strengths help us towards goals.

Time needed: 30-40 minutes

  • Reflect on a nontraditional decision
  • Understand why our unique strengths are what makes us stand out in our careers
think outside the box part 3

[Part 3] Build Your Team

It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know! In this unit, you’ll learn about networking and how to build connections for a powerful team to support you in achieving your dreams!

Time needed: 20-30 minutes

  • Understand the basic how-to’s of professional networking
  • Identify people in their life that they can help and who can help them explore a career
think outside the box part 4

[Part 4] Design Your Future

Make a plan and then work the plan! In this unit, students will articulate a goal, analyze the power of their unique story, and map a strategy that designs their future.

Time needed: 20-30 minutes

  • Articulate a dream or goal that they have
  • Analyze the power of the non-traditional career story
  • Reflect on the next steps they can take to reach their career goals

What you get

41-page Beautifully Designed Digital Workbook

Animated Instructional Video Guides for Each Unit

think outside the box VIDEO GUIDES


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An international speaker, teacher, engineer, and equity leader, her mission is to provide services, tools, and resources that inspire awareness and initiate action.

As an engineer turned educator, Meagan Pollock is focused on engineering equity into education and the workforce.

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