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Customize your own nontraditional career poster! Start with a photo of a person nontraditional to the career, add your program information, school logo, and any other details. We offer a variety of sizes, too.


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A nontraditional career is anyone in which a single-gender represents less than 25% of the total. This is a federal distinction guided primarily by Perkins legislation. Educational institutions may receive Perkins funding for Career and Technical Education (CTE). They must use a portion of the funds to meet accountability measures to close the participation, concentrator, and completion gaps.

One of the root causes for why people don’t pursue and persist in nontraditional pathways is a lack of role models. This is related to self-efficacy, the belief one has in their ability to complete a task. One of the sources of self-efficacy is vicarious experiences or the observation of models. Seeing someone perform a task or meeting someone who looks like them in a career or pathway can increase someone’s belief they can do a task and increase a sense of belonging.

Among many things, it is important to do an environmental scan to ensure the posters on your campus do not reinforce stereotypes. Since it is challenging to find posters that do that, we’ve created an easy-to-use customizer with loads of stock images of people in careers nontraditional for their gender.

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