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The Intentionally Engineer Inclusion™ Program Starts January 2024

The Intentionally Engineer Inclusion™ Program is a cohort-based semi-asynchronous  program for any person or team interested in expanding their leadership capacity by building practices and employing skills that facilitate equity, inclusion, and belonging for others.

Early bird registration extends until 11/1 with $500 savings.

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Intentionally Engineer Inclusion™ Program starts January 2024

The Intentionally Engineer Inclusion™ Program Starts January 2024

The Intentionally Engineer Inclusion™ Program is a cohort-based semi-asynchronous  program. For any person or team interested in expanding their leadership capacity by building practices and employing skills that facilitate equity, inclusion, and belonging for others, this program is a unique opportunity that brings together many of our research-based tools, strategies, and resources into a learning program that will drive personal and organizational results.

Early bird registration extends until 11/1 with $500 savings.

NEW! Inclusive Engineering Fundamentals Microcredential starts May 15

Join the inaugural class of the Inclusive Engineering Fundamentals Microcredential, a six-week semi-asynchronous course that runs from May 15 to June 23, 2023. This program is for anyone in an engineering, technology, or related field interested in learning to collaborate, design and lead inclusively. 

inclusive engineering fundamentals Applications Due Apr 28

Creating inclusive and equitable environments can be very puzzling. We can help.

Our Inclusion Engineers are experts in leading engaging workshops, inspiring keynotes, and sustainable organizational change. We can help you reach your diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.

We are engineers who partner with you to engineer equity and inclusion into your organization.

Engineer Inclusion

helps people intentionally and systematically engineer equity and inclusion into their organizations:

Are you an inclusive leader?


There is much to learn about equity in education, the workforce, and in our communities. We are each on a journey of discovery, and we share resources from our journey to help others on theirs. Checkout our popular Q&A animated illustrations and tune-in to our free webinars!


Founder Dr. Meagan Pollock speaks and teaches to inspire and initiate change, and has been doing so since 2008. Contact us for staff professional development workshops, keynote speeches, and consulting on topics related to engineering, education, and equity.


We develop books, guides, and tools to help us and others take action towards a more equitable and just world. We are also developing a series of online courses related to diversity, equity, and inclusion and expanding our curriculum portfolio. Stay tuned!

Featured content

TEDx Talk: How to become an inclusive leader

By Dr. Meagan Pollock

Upcoming Events​

We are teaching audiences across the country on a weekly basis. If you are interested in learning more about how Engineer Inclusion can help you reach your equity, diversity, and inclusion goals, explore our services and schedule a free consultation.

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