Engineer Inclusion

Nontraditional Careers in CTE and STEM

This curriculum focused on nontraditional careers in CTE and STEM is available as an in-person or virtual workshop. The recommended session length for this curricula is a half-day.

There are two types of audiences ideal for this curriculum. 

Workshop Abstract

Nontraditional careers are any in which one gender represents less than 25% of the workforce. For example, women in engineering or men in nursing. When many of these careers are high-wage, and high-demand jobs, it is imperative that we remove barriers and increase the participation and completion of women and men in nontraditional educational pathways. This workshop equips educators with tools and strategies for recruitment and retention.

Guiding Questions and Objectives

Recorded 90-minute Workshop

This workshop was delivered to Bossier Parish Community College on 2021-06-03. We had about 25 participants. The recording has been edited to trim out lulls and breaks.

Download a sample handout as a printable PDF and digital worksheet.

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