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Case Study

Women in STEM Panel Series

women in stem panel series

Case Study Overview

The “Women in STEM Panel Series,” sponsored by Bossier Parish Community College, was a vibrant and innovative addition to our yearly programming to engage a typically quiet audience. After years of muted participation during virtual workshops, we shifted our approach to include a publicly accessible series featuring dynamic discussions with women in STEM fields throughout February. This initiative enriched the engagement and was highly appreciated by our client’s audience, leading to plans for its continuation with fresh topics and panelists next year.

Problem and Innovative Solution

Previously, our client faced the challenge of low audience interaction during virtual workshops, where attendees predominantly preferred to listen rather than participate. In response, we utilized the allocated funds to transform the format by hosting a panel series that was open to the public. This adjustment fostered a richer dialogue, attracted broader community involvement—including professors and their students—and significantly increased interactive participation.

Program Implementation

The series was structured around three main events focusing on Creativity, Perseverance, and Collaboration within STEM fields. Each panel featured distinguished women from diverse STEM backgrounds who shared their insights and experiences on overcoming challenges, fostering innovation, and the importance of teamwork in their professional journeys. The discussions were designed not only to inspire but also to provide practical advice applicable to both current and aspiring STEM professionals.

Outcomes and Impact

  • Enhanced Engagement: Opening the discussions to the public transformed the interaction dynamics, resulting in lively participation through chat features and SLIDO, as well as positive feedback from a previously passive audience.
  • Educational Impact: Professors integrated the panel discussions into their curriculums, using the provided reflection and discussion guides along with recorded sessions, thereby extending the educational reach of each event.
  • Community Building: The series helped to build a community of engaged learners and fostered a network of professionals and students interested in STEM careers.

Feedback and Future Plans

Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing appreciation for the insights shared and the accessibility of the panels. The success of this year’s series has not only confirmed the continuation of the initiative for the following year but has also encouraged us to propose a similar collaborative series to other clients, potentially expanding the impact and reach of these enriching discussions.


The “Women in STEM Panel Series” demonstrated a successful pivot from traditional webinar formats to a more engaging and inclusive panel discussion format. This case study exemplifies how listening to client needs and creatively rethinking engagement strategies can lead to significantly enhanced outcomes in community involvement and educational impact. We look forward to growing this initiative, continually adapting and improving to meet the needs of our audiences and maximize the educational value of the series.

Explore the dynamics of STEM through the ‘Women in STEM Panel Series,’ where accomplished women from science, technology, engineering, and mathematics share their insights and experiences. This series delves into innovation, teamwork, and overcoming challenges, providing a platform for dialogue and learning from those at the forefront of their fields. On this page, you can learn all about the three panels and the twelve amazing panelists.

Bossier Parish Community College sponsors this panel series.

Innovating Minds: Creativity and Experimentation in STEM

Join our panel of inspiring women in STEM as they unveil the secrets of creative thinking and experimentation in science and technology. Discover how groundbreaking innovations are born from the fusion of imagination and rigorous testing!

Learn MoreFeb 14, 2024

Resilience in Innovation: Embracing Failure and Perseverance in STEM

Ever wondered how successful innovators overcome challenges? Tune in to hear from remarkable women in STEM who turned failures into opportunities. Learn how resilience and perseverance are your allies in the journey of innovation!

Learn MoreFeb 21, 2024

Collaborative Problem-Solving: Team Dynamics and Design Thinking in STEM

Explore the art of teamwork and problem-solving with our panel of esteemed women in STEM. Uncover how collaborative efforts and design thinking are crucial in tackling today's most challenging problems in science and technology.

Learn MoreFeb 28, 2024

Abstracts & Panelists

February 14, 2024
feb 14

Innovating Minds: Creativity and Experimentation in STEM

This panel brings together women leaders in STEM to discuss the essential role of creativity and experimentation in innovation. Panelists will share their experiences with design thinking and controlled experimentation and how these practices lead to breakthroughs in technology and science. The session will highlight how creativity is not just about coming up with new ideas but also about testing and refining them in the real world.

Chanel Beebe, PhD

Beebe Arts LLC

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Dr. Chanel Beebe is an artist, writer, researcher, engineer, and educator who designs, implements, and conducts research on S.T.E.A.M. programming. Dr. Beebe has a passion for nourishing youth’s critical and social consciousness and is the founder and C.E.O. of a research and design firm focused on social and educational equity (Beebe Arts LLC.)

Dr. Beebe holds both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and a Ph.D. in Engineering Education and studies socially situated design and learning experiences. As a growing “socio-technical activist,” Dr. Beebe seeks to blend her values of creativity, equity, health, and sustainability with her formal training as an Industrial Engineer.

Joanna Nelson, PhD

Joanna Nelson, PhD

LandSea Science LLC

Joanna Nelson, PhD, is an ecologist working on science-to-action solutions with communities, from headwaters to the sea, as the founder of LandSea Science. She is currently the Director of Science and Conservation Planning with Save the Redwoods League, protecting coast redwoods and giant sequoias throughout their ranges. She works collaboratively with Indigenous communities on land and coastal stewardship, including prescribed and cultural fire. She earned BS and MS degrees in Earth Systems from Stanford University; a PhD in Environmental Studies (Ecology) from the University of California, Santa Cruz; and served as a postdoctoral fellow with the Natural Capital Project at Stanford University and as a NatureNet Science Fellow.

Fantasi Nicole, PhD

Fantasi Nicole, PhD

Arizona State University

Dr. Fantasi Nicole is an innovative, data-driven systems leader with 12+ years’ experience in cultivating equitable learning ecosystems. With 4 engineering degrees and a passion for people, she excels in driving transformative experiences that promote continuous learning, professional growth, and personalized success.

Pamela Leggett-Robinson PhD

Pamela Leggett-Robinson, PhD

PLR Consulting, Inc.

Pamela Leggett-Robinson, PhD, CAPM is the CEO and Executive Director for PLR Consulting, Inc. in Atlanta, GA. PLR Consulting, Inc. is a boutique Program Development, Management, and Evaluation firm that works with organizations and institutions seeking to address multi-faceted obstacles confronting historically and presently marginalized groups in STEM environments. Dr. Leggett-Robinson has more than 20 years of higher education experience, garnered over $7 million in federal funds as a PI and CoPI for work in broadening participation in STEM, and serves as an evaluator for large NSF projects (Big data, BioGraphI, AGEP Alliance, and INCLUDES) grounded in racial equity work.

February 21, 2024
feb 21

Resilience in Innovation: Embracing Failure and Perseverance in STEM

This panel focuses on the less-discussed aspect of STEM careers: the importance of perseverance and embracing failure. Successful women in STEM will share their personal stories of overcoming setbacks and how failure has been a stepping stone to success. The discussion will also delve into developing grit and resilience, essential traits for any budding scientist or engineer.

Lauren Horton

Lauren Horton

Lockheed Martin

I am a recent college graduate, earning a B.S. in Computer Science with a Cybersecurity Specialization and a minor in Physics, as well as a M.S. in Cybersecurity from SMU (‘22, ‘23). I currently work as a Cyber Systems Security Engineer for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, but my background includes teaching, managerial, administrative, and leadership experience. I am happiest when traveling, but I also thrive at home finding new ways to innovate my personal life. Recently I’ve taken up breadmaking and my current read is Sandworm: A New Era of Cyberwar and the Hunt for the Kremlin’s Most Dangerous Hackers by Andy Greenburg. I am excited to share my story and experiences with women in STEM to support my sisters as I have been supported.

Mary Long

Mary Long

Tetra Tech

Mary Long is an adept leader, coach, consultant and catalyst – using her engineering and business background to help people use data and technology to solve problems.

Her career adventures include project and program management across water, telecommunications and energy industries, making order out of chaos for projects large and small, as well as individuals in transition.

As a curious lifelong learner, she recognizes that there are many paths and possibilities to get from point A to Z and enjoys helping others remove bottlenecks toward success – on a project, program and/or personal level.

Chancee Lundy

Chanceé Lundy

Lundy Legacy, Inc

Chanceé is an engineer, author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and community servant. She co-founded Nspiregreen, an award-winning planning and engineering firm, and sold it in 2020. She is now the CEO of Lundy Legacy, Inc., providing environmental consulting and education, and the CEO of Black and Loud Media LLC, a creative media company. She is also the Director of Joy for Southern Black Girls and Women’s Consortium and the Founder of Destination Liberation, Inc. She is a sought-after speaker and holds a BS in Environmental Science and an MS in Civil Engineering. As an author, she has been featured in three books and compiled an anthology targeting teenage girls.

Julie Thyne

Julie Thyne

Dow, Inc.

Julie Thyne graduated from the University of Texas with a chemical engineering degree. She has worked for Dow, Inc. for the last 26 years in a variety of manufacturing and engineering positions that include experience in pharmaceuticals, automotive, and electronic materials. She is currently an Improvement Director. Julie is the recipient of the 2014 STEP Ahead award from the Manufacturing Institute and a Prosci® certified change manager. Outside of work, Julie promotes STEM education for elementary and middle school students.

February 28, 2024
feb 28

Collaborative Problem-Solving: Team Dynamics and Design Thinking in STEM

This panel explores the power of teamwork and collaborative problem-solving in STEM fields. Panelists will discuss the importance of effective team dynamics, conflict resolution, and applying design thinking to solve complex problems. Attendees will gain insights into how diverse teams bring together different perspectives to foster innovation and create solutions with real-world impact.

Sreyoshi Bhaduri, PhD

Sreyoshi Bhaduri, PhD

Society of Women Engineers

Dr. Sreyoshi Bhaduri is an engaged leader at the intersection of people, products, the future of work, and emerging technology. Sreyoshi leverages AI for mixed-methods research methods, ensuring that organizations intentionally center the human experience. Sreyoshi is a speaker and educator passionate about demystifying and democratizing AI and intentionally improving belonging in STEM. Sreyoshi currently works at Amazon and has previously headed Global People Research at McGraw Hill – the learning sciences company. Sreyoshi is a decade-long member and elected as a Senator at the Society of Women Engineers.

Hoda Ehsan, PhD

Hoda Ehsan, PhD

the HIll School

Dr. Hoda Ehsan is Director of Engineering and Design, and the Chair for Engineering and Computer Science department at The Hill School. She holds a PhD in Engineering Education from Purdue University. She has 13 years of experience working with pre-college children, and researching how they learn and engage in engineering and design. She has designed and developed several engineering learning opportunities/resources for in-school and out-of-school settings, such as museum activities and exhibits, summer camps, afterschool programs, and parent and teacher professional development. She is also the founder and director of ARTEC, a non-profit maker space for children and adults in Pottstown, PA.

Catalina Herrera

Catalina Herrera


Catalina is a seasoned data and analytics leader with over 15 years of experience in the industry. She is currently the Field CDO at Dataiku, a leading platform for enterprise AI and data democratization.

In her role, she listens, understands, and helps customers identify innovation opportunities using machine learning and artificial intelligence. She frequently engages with customers across various industries, helping them understand the immense value of AI and how Dataiku can assist them in achieving their goals. She also shares her insights and knowledge through blog posts and conference talks, showcasing her data analysis and artificial intelligence expertise.

Erica Lee Garcia

Erica Lee Garcia

Onward Business Mechanics

Erica is a professional engineer with over 20 years’ experience in automotive manufacturing, mining and non-profit management. As a Six Sigma Black Belt, she excels at problem-solving skills, empathy, and kindness.

She founded the charity Engineers of Tomorrow to inspire the next generation of engineers and STEM professionals through effective, impactful outreach to young people.

Erica has a significant track record in achieving improvements throughout her career, totaling over $364M as a ‘business mechanic’. She has coached industry professionals in the USA, Spain, Peru, Chile, and Tanzania and works in both English and Spanish.

Before her business, she worked on recycling and poverty reduction initiative in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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